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A single SOSI file may contain several types of objects and geometry types. By default, Sosicon converts everything contained in the source file. It either writes the result to a large number of destination files in case of Shapefile export, or creates one very large SQL file in case of PostgreSQL/PostGIS export.

If you only want a pre-defined subset of features exported from the SOSI source, you can use the -t and -g options to restrict the conversion. On large SOSI files, this will save both time and storage space.

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Data example

High-quality maps can be downloaded from the home page of the Norwegian Mapping Authority. You can get the SOSI files for the nation-wide N500 map here.

The N500 package consists of several SOSI files, each representing a set of various geographical features. One SOSI file may contain a multitude of geometries and object types. However, Shapefiles can contain no more than one geometry type each (typically polygons, polylines or points). Hence, one SOSI file may generate several Shapefiles, as individual geometries and object types are singled out and exported to separate Shapefile layers.

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