Last update was on April 7. 2016. Fixed several bugs in the shapefile conversion routine and introduced the GUI version of Sosicon.

Desktop version

Download disk image (dmg) for OSX or installers for Windows (both 64-bit and 32-bit).

System Type Download
OS X DMG archive sosicon_v1.0_osx.dmg
Windows (32-bit) Installer sosicon_v1.0_gui_setup_x86.exe
Windows (64-bit) Installer sosicon_v1.0_gui_setup_x64.exe

Command-line version

The command-line version have no dependencies for Linux and OS X systems — only the program file is required.

Windows users are required to download and install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 before Sosicon can be run.

System Type Download
OS X Program file sosicon
Linux (64 bit) Program file sosicon
Linux (32 bit) Program file sosicon
Windows Program file sosicon.exe

Linux/OS X users must remember to set execute permission for the binary file. Run ´sudo chmod 755 sosicon´ from the directory where you put the executable file if you get “permission denied” message when trying to run sosicon.

These are preliminary builds, extracted from current master branch. Sosicon is under development, and may not produce the desired results in every situation. New builds are continuously pushed.

Source code

Sosicon is written i C++. Public repository is on GitHub:

To build Sosicon from source, gcc v 4.7 or newer is required on Linux. Run make / make install.

On Windows systems, Sosicon should build in Visual Studio 2013 or newer.

The desktop versions are built with Qt, the GUI project is located in gui/sosicon. The source code for Qt (OSX/Linux) may be downloaded here.

I would love to hear from you if you would like to collaborate on future improvements.

Source documentation

Sosicon’s code base is documented directly in the source code. The following documents are compiled from these comments, using Doxygen documentation tool.

Browse or download the source documentation from one of the linke below.

The documentation is updated occasionally, but not for every commit. Subsequently, there might be some discrepancies between the documents and the code.